HiDat Services is a small software development company specializing in software for the music industry.

HiDat is composed primarily of Craig Huizenga as founder, chief architect, developer, and occasional cleaning person, with collaborators brought in on a as needed basis. Craig has over twenty five years of industry experience, with twenty of those years spent creating systems to move bits of music around. You can find out more about Craig over at his LinkedIn page.

We know the music industry. From developing custom hardware music players in the 90's, to creating streaming radio players that run on any device, from your PC to your iPhone, we have seen it all. We love metadata, and the promise of DDEX, but hate the lack of a freely available source of ISRC codes. HTML5 audio is wonderful, but doesn't solve every problem. And every time we think we finally understand the vulgarities of music licensing, we are quickly taught we don't know anything. If these are problems you are running into also, contact us, and we can help you.

HiDat Services
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